Microsoft Live Writer

By Gregg Dourgarian  —    August 14, 2006  


I am writing my blog posts from a new Windows Live desktop application called Windows Live Writer . Windows Live Writer is a desktop blog publishing tool - a WYSIWYG …

Printer Boycott

By Gregg Dourgarian  —    August 10, 2006  


It seemed just a month or so ago that we replaced the toner cartridge for our home printer. So how did we run out again so fast? Apparently, we fell victim to the …

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Hiring Is Obsolete

By Gregg Dourgarian  —    August 19, 2006  


It's much smarter to hire 20-year-olds than 30-year-olds.  They're cheaper, they don't come with baggage (most of the time) and they tend to make more of a …


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