Good follow-up is the most under-rated business skill.  Sensational presentations get all the hype, but far more often the other p’s – Patience, Perspiration, Prioritization – that win out, especially in staffing.

So I love posts by Dalyce Brell, TempWorks VP of Corporate Training, like this one that explains how staffing companies can assure great follow up.  And who better to write about that than Dalyce who is always on the front-lines and herself an absolute pro about giving care and doing proper follow-up.

Task Management:

How are you tracking follow up calls? Do you have little sticky notes all around your desk? Do you jot them down on a calendar, and then have to dig out your calendar to add or check off a call? Do you leave it to memory? Is your method the most efficient, or does it leave you feeling overwhelmed?

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