This is a story of how I made $250k with our TempWorks iPad app and how we are constantly evolving this aspect of our product suite which we believe may soon spell the difference between success and failure for staffing sales professionals.

I was down in a southern state visiting some friends and calling on a few clients when it happened that I had two spare hours to kill between a customer visit and a golf game. What to do? I pulled out the iPad and clicked on a search button that shows me which prospects are in the immediate vicinity. There were several.

But one stuck out at me. It was a prospect that we had been eyeing for a long time. It was good-sized and they were in the market for almost our full range of products. It was, by the way, a prospect that I had tried to set up an appointment with before starting out on my trip down south.

What to do? I knew if I called on the phone I likely wouldn’t make it past the gatekeeper. It’s too easy to blow someone off over the phone. But go straight in in-person? That’s kind of rude isn’t it? Hmm, not really. I like it when sales people visit me in person. I’ll give it a try.

I pressed the map button on my iPad app and a few minutes later I was standing at the reception desk of this firm asking for the owner. Soon we were sitting down and shooting the shit about golf. A week later we penned the one of the bigger deals of that year.

The iPad and the litany of other devices out there that let us use our databases without being stuck behind the desk are a Godsend for sales professionals. The fact that it lets you easily CONNECT with nearby prospects and UNDERSTAND who the buying influences are there and IDENTIFY people you’ve recently placed – all that spells the difference between a wasted hour and a great sales call.

I’m spending a great deal of my time now with the next rev our iPad app. I just did another trip down south (no new $250k deal to tell about yet) and have a oodle of new features to add. Most important though is how we’re using the amazing advances in HTML5 to make the app faster and easier to use than ever. Check out my tech oriented posts on HTML5 here and here.

If you’re a staffing professional and looking to make your sales calls more productive, give us a call and find out more about what TempWorks iPad can do for you.

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