Considering our audience is spread out all over the United States, it is very difficult to meet with any of our readers in person.

Of course, we leave each other blog comments and send emails every now and then, but we never really get a chance to sit down and chat.

Last month we attended the Staffing Industry Executive Forum in Las Vegas and we have an upcoming trip to the ASA's Staffing World 2012 in October -- which is also in Vegas.

I might be a little burned out on Sin City by the end of the year.

Fortunately, I will be conducting a couple breakout sessions at the 2012 NEAPS Conference (New England Association of Personnel Services) in beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The conference has been held every year since 1995 and I'm excited to be a part of it.

This year's NEAPS Conference runs from May 3-5, so you don't have much time left to register.

Some of the speakers include:

...and myself.

My topics are centered around what we are incessantly discussing here at Staffing Talk: Media and Technology.

My first topic will cover the state of technology and how it relates to the staffing and recruiting industry. From cloud computing to marketing, there are a lot of exciting things going on!

The second session is called The State of Media Coverage where I will focus on the rapidly changing media landscape -- and what can be done about it. We will dive into how mainstream media covers the staffing and recruiting industry. I will also share tips on how to find out what is being said about your company online and how you can always turn a negative into a positive.

I will also be on the expert panel with Greg Doersching, Rob Mosley and Mike Gionta. I believe this is going to be formatted as a Q&A, so hopefully I can answer every question lobbed in my general direction -- or at least come up with a moderately intelligible response!

On Friday night, NEAPS will host a Casino Night, where attendees will compete for prizes. This will be a perfect opportunity to meet other people in our industry while having a great time.

If you haven't registered yet, please do so ASAP. We are only just a few short weeks away!

See you there!


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