Be passionate, social and searchable. Those were some of the recurring themes as over 200 recruiters and HR leaders gathered today at Best Buy’s global headquarters for the 13th Minnesota Recruiters Conference, sponsored in part by Staffing Talk.

Successful serial entrepeneur Amy Langer, who co-founded SALO, Oberon and NumberWorks, companies that provide financial staffing, HR executives and accounting and finance contract employees respectively, started out the event as the lead speaker by saying “recruiters will be a big part of moving our economy.”

“Recruiters can help create a buzz about a company by being an extension of the brand. Recruiters can help ‘move a company’ because it always comes down to people. And recruiters can help job seekers to look their best, and understand how to communicate their value and represent themselves well. We’re all connectors at heart and that’s even more critical in a jobless recovery they keep saying we’re in now.”

Jim Durbin and Craig Fisher, both managing partners at the Dallas-based staffing firm Social Media Talent, also came to the conference to talk about how recruiters can – and should – use social media. And lots were listening given that their staffing company’s model is a “retained search firm to place top social media candidates with companies hungry for talent,” endeavoring to fill the void between “Facebook-loving intern and high-level corporate strategist” in their words.

“Recruiters are social by nature, and we just have to all think more about ‘being social’ as opposed to merely ‘doing social,’” states Durbin, who is a blogger, social business consultant, marketer, trainer, and headhunter. “Don’t just be a desk jockey who shuffles resumes, be an ‘enterprise improvement consultant.’ Care about the company, add value, solve problems and be an expert on social media.”

Durbin’s business partner, Craig Fisher, drilled down a little bit further detailing how recruiters can use LinkedIn more effectively. He is a 20-year sales/recruiting veteran and entrepreneur with 15 years in IT Staffing & Executive search, and talked about everything from profile pictures to keywords.

“In your LinkedIn profiles think about who you serve and why. Think about who stands behind you. And then give us a hook, something personal. I call it ‘profersonal.’ Personal and professional. Because we don’t do business with brands, we do business with people. We want to do business with people we know and like and find interesting or have something in common with.”

Each of the speakers had lots more to say that we’re sure you’ll find valuable. So in the coming week or two, we’ll spend some more time getting to know them better, and hearing more of their unique stories.

We’re sure they can help you learn how to do your job better and more effectively, and enable you to expand your influence.

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