We all read articles and stories about what we should be doing to engage employees and temp workers. There's loads of advice on how to treat employees all over the internet.  But what about those things we should NOT do?

I've compiled a list of ten things you should never do to your employees. If you do any of the items below, you are not getting the most out of your team.

  1. Don’t assume that because someone has one or two or three really good qualities, that person is great at everything
  2. Don’t criticize or demean employees in front of others
  3. Don’t refrain from feedback because you think your employee knows how you feel (good advice for our romantic relationships also)
  4. Don’t underestimate the value of one-on-one conversations to build trust and relationships
  5. Don’t assume your team knows what “excellence” looks like; always be modeling
  6. Don’t assume people in your organization understand all of the reasoning behind your decisions, particularly employment decisions
  7. Don’t forget that praise is about the employee, not about you
  8. Don’t speak negateively about other employees, or anyone in your company for that matter
  9. Don’t couch negative criticism with praise; that leaves the person on the other end of your remarks wondering about the point of the interaction
  10. Don’t ever stop recruiting and building your business

Be sure and look to Staffing Talk later this week for the benefits of employee engagement, and how to improve it at your staffing company.

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